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The play went on for some ten minutes after this, until the count won a considerable wager from him who had last joined the game, and then Tarzan saw the fellow back of the count's chair nod his head to his confederate.
Tarzan had released Rokoff, who, with his confederate, Paulvitch, had hastened from the smoking-room.
Readyville was an outpost of the Federal army at Murfreesboro; Woodbury had the same relation to the Confederate army at Tullahoma.
Examination disclosed abundant evidence that within a half-hour the cedar forest had been occupied by a strong force of Confederate infantry--an ambuscade.
He had enlisted in the very first days of the war as a private, with no military knowledge whatever, had been made first-sergeant of his company on account of his education and engaging manner, and had been lucky enough to lose his captain by a Confederate bullet; in the resulting promotions he had gained a commission.
The clothing was gray, the uniform of a Confederate soldier.
At the fork of the road, a little to one side, they found two bodies lying close together--that of a Federal officer and that of a Confederate private.
The visages of his nephews were excited, but cold towards him, and that of his former confederate frightfully determined.
Turning the roll of the swell, he proceeded with the feelings of one, who had been suddenly and violently separated from a recent confederate, for ever.
But she conquered all my modesty, and all my fears; and in a little time, by the help of this confederate, I grew as impudent a thief, and as dexterous as ever Moll Cutpurse was, though, if fame does not belie her, not half so handsome.
It seemed to relieve her, for what one may call the wild maternal look left her face, and trying to check little gasps of breath, the result of unseemly running, she signed to her confederates to remain in the background, and turned curious eyes on me.
Roof's apparent racist motivations drew attention to the fact that the Confederate battle flag still flew on South Carolina's State House grounds and that Confederate flag memorabilia was available for purchase from stores and online vendors.

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