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As one Confederate monument after another has come under attack--with several being vandalized or destroyed--by the communist "Antifa" crowd, anyone who comes forward, in any way, to defend either the monuments or the memories of the men they represent is labeled a Nazi.
These "Black Confederates," as she calls them, would have been repaid for their service with emancipation had they been called to arms.
A plaque will be unveiled next month in Liverpool, where the rebel Confederates had an embassy.
Juni and Roth (1985) asked male and female confederates wearing either brunette or blond wigs to encounter male and female street pedestrians and solicit money.
While generals mustered troops, cultural nationalists called on Confederates to produce and consume distinctly Southern literature.
Juni and Roth (1985) asked male and female confederates to approach men and women in the street and to solicit them for spare change.
Blascovich and Ginsburg (1974) employed confederates to play Blackjack along with the participants, with the confederates consistently betting a low ($.
But critics of Black Confederates like Winbush say they are dupes being used by racists.
Hell or high water, Wilkes was going to take the Trent as a prize of war because of the presence of the Confederates Mason and Sliddell.
Why Confederates Fought: Family & Nation in Civil War Virginia.
Perhaps to allay potential popular dissent, Jefferson Davis applied for a passport through the proper channels to leave Richmond on August 20, 1863, and set an example that all loyal Confederates needed to make sacrifices in personal liberties in order to travel.

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