confer ownership

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There are no legal foundations to these and, while title deeds may contain covenants placing the obligation for maintenance of boundary structures on to a property owner, perhaps by the use of "T" marks on a plan, the covenants do not confer ownership, unless they are coupled with a statement to that effect.
9 million shares which confer ownership and voting rights.
Copyright law does not confer ownership over any and all ways' to implement Java," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Alsup, as saying.
But it does not confer ownership of the charity in the conventional sense of the term.
Such rights are legal devices designed to confer ownership of inventions and also determine the nature of access to inventions and ideas.
About 10% of resorts offer "Right-to-Use" contracts, which do not confer ownership of anything to the buyer but rights that may be sold.
As Bio-technology Industry Organization president Carl Feldbaum noted: "A patent on a gene does not confer ownership of that gene to the patent holder.