confer power

See: invest, vest
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This could affect the board's willingness to recommend an unwelcome bid, though does not confer power to block it.
Whilst the aforementioned justifications do not expressly provide for security for costs, they do confer power on the tribunal to order interim measure it deems necessary, which in theory should include security for costs.
that existing provisions of Act did confer power on SBP to
In less stable democracies, electoral losers may not consent to hand over power or heads of state may prove unwilling to confer power upon a new governing authority.
An economist, not someone with expertise in medicine, public health, epidemiology, virology, or any of the other traditional forms of 'health knowledge', Sachs' position at the heart of many of the key global health decision-making processes perfectly demonstrates the extent to which 'outside' expertise can confer power and influence in the global health system-and this has not been despite the fact that it is an 'outside' form of expertise, but precisely because of that fact.
Being able to go to points either in the past or future would confer power that is almost beyond comprehension and hence the usual codicil that is added that so-called time travellers cannot alter history.
Yet rankings do not automatically confer power and influence.
ABU DHABI, March 08 (Saba) - Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi briefed here on Tuesday his Gulf counterparts on the initiative of President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced at a Parliament and Shura Council's meeting recently of his intention not to extend his rule or confer power to his son.
To empower someone is to confer power officially or to recognize the power someone already has.
So much is plain from its long title, "An Act to confer power to return certain cultural objects on grounds relating to events occurring during the Nazi era." By section 2(1) of the Act:
9 Where did Mr Marc Ravalomanana stand down as President with military leaders attempting to confer power to a 34-year-old former disc jockey?
Its balance sheet and monetary sovereignty confer power enough.