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The conferral of "transfer certificates," is also new to the list, representing the development of general education modules within several state two-year sectors that can be used to fulfill the requirements at four-year institutions without actually having received the transfer degree.
Jake Englehart was memorialized as an important founding father of the town that bears his name, during an early July conferral of the Order of the North.
In the regard, Dulay said 'the constitutional conferral of tax exemption upon non-stock and non-profit educational institutions should not be implemented or interpreted in such a manner that will defeat or diminish the intent and language of the Constitution.
He said that convocation is more than just a formal ceremony for conferral of degrees: it is the recognition of a long standing tradition, whereby the university and all its stakeholders applaud the achievements of students.
It contextualizes the development of new market supervision mechanisms as the operationalization of open-textured EU competence conferral rules and principles, looking at how they promote an image of integrated market supervision and shape an executive cooperative federalism system of operational support that structures the development of supranational market supervision mechanisms in different sectors.
The Kansas Arts Commission Outstanding Undergraduate Faculty Award that he received in 1990, the rise to Distinguished Professor status in 2004, and conferral of the 2010 NCECA Award for Excellence in Teaching attest to his achievements in the classroom.
Almost two months before the Mamasapano tragedy, the Trustees of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan at its regular meeting on November 29, 2014, approved the conferral of the following commencement awards as follows: Doctor of Humanities, honoris causa to Teresita Quintos-Deles, Secretary, Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, who was also invited to be the Commencement Speaker; Fr.
Photographs documenting GCC's "summit" in Morschach, Switzerland, flattened a week's worth of exhibition planning into stock images of agreement and conferral.
Following degree conferral, the graduate obtains national certification by passing an examination administered by a recognized certifying body, such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center.
They railed against clericalism, the wealth of the church, the use of arcane language that distanced the laity from its inner operations and made them second-class citizens, the sale of relics, the conferral of indulgences in exchange for alms, and a theology that left laypeople to be docile and unthinking consumers of a faith long bereft of either witness or spiritual energy.
By expressing the conferral of power to contract as subject to compliance with other provisions, this new section raises the question of whether non-compliance affects the validity of any contracts entered into or gives rise to other forms of enforcement.
A formal conferral ceremony will take place outside City Hall at 11am before the ship's company parade through the capital.