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The fundamental difficulty with each of the proposed Div 104 and the proposed Div 105 stems from the separation by Ch III of the Constitution of the 'judicial power of the Commonwealth' from the 'legislative power of the Commonwealth' and the 'executive power of the Commonwealth' conferred respectively by Ch I of the Constitution (which includes s 51(xxxvii)) and Ch II of the Constitution and to a lesser, but not insignificant extent, also from the power conferred by s 122 of the Constitution (which is within Ch IV) which in allowing for the Commonwealth Parliament to make laws for the government of a Territory allows it to make provision for the conferral on organs of government of 'the judicial power of the Territory'.
224) Furthermore, "[t]he limits of Union competences are governed by the principle of conferral.
However, recognizing the possibility of abuse arising from the conferral of exclusive rights, the Act retained for the government the right to "march in" and issue licenses to competitors.
The MPs said: 'The regular conferral of knighthoods on MPs is sometimes viewed, cynically, as a mere tool of political party management.
The new statutory definition copies almost verbatim Article 1 of the WTO Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (ASCM), and its basic elements are a "financial contribution" and the conferral of a "benefit.
Receiving the kind of exceptional, highly polished article that will be a candidate for conferral of the Lionel Basney Award is always a welcome joy, of course, but the deeper fulfillment lies in being taught how to "measure twice" and thereby overcome one's own critical predilections and blindness.
In contrast, most of the credit should go to the ostensibly narrow conferral principle, which gives oceans of jurisdiction to the Union.
Students, he argues, have changed as more and more non-traditional students find their way to the colleges and universities searching for certification or degree conferral.
Reaching Out: At the same time, it became apparent that beautiful ceremonies and the conferral of honours could only go so far.
Irish Senator Maurice Manning, who approved Keane's nomination for the honour by the National University of Ireland, said he was delighted the player was chosen for the conferral.
through the conferral of the International Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers.
The status conferral function has given rise to the so-called agenda setting theory of the press, namely, that news doesn't so much tell us what to think but instead what to think about.