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Solicits, accepts or agrees to accept any benefit as compensation or consideration for having as a public servant given a decision, opinion, recommendation or vote favorable to another or for having otherwise exercised his or her discretion in favor of another; or Offers, confers or agrees to confer any benefit upon a public servant and the receipt of the benefit is prohibited by this section.
Here, the appellate court agreed with the trial court that the dune construction did not confer a special benefit on the Karans' land.
"A once-only intervention that confers a 50 percent efficacy is obviously a very important development."
The [approximately equal to] 1,000-bp and [approximately equal to] 2,200-bp PCR products from strain 00LA1 were cloned independently into the pCR 2.1 vector and tested to determine if recombinant plasmids confer trimethoprim resistance after transformation to Escherichia coli.
Early reports indicated that the 184 mutation could improve susceptibility to zidovudine; other reports have suggested that lamivudine resistance confers increased fidelity to the reverse transcriptase enzyme and makes the virus less fit or less pathogenic.
At a certain point, the segment of the artworld which confers arthood upon some object becomes so large that one is inclined to say that people who believe that it is not art are mistaken about the use of the concept of art.
If the organism recovers, the antitoxin present in its bloodstream confers immunity to the disease thereafter.
Giving birth confers on women some protection against ovarian cancer.
The first integron carries the aadA2 gene, which confers resistance to Sm and Sp.
Infection typically confers lifelong immunity, so the disease almost always appears in young children rather than in adults.
This antibiotic-resistance gene cluster, which confers multidrug resistance, has been previously identified in S.
Shryock states that use of the growth promoter avilamycin, which confers cross-resistance to other members of the everninomycin class of drugs, was in compliance with the Swann principles.