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While the possible contributors and factors of the constantly changing business environment could be endlessly listed, there is still one, which simply cannot be left out, not even from this confessedly limited list: the constant need for innovation.
body, substance, monad, confessedly setting aside some otherwise central questions in other fields of Leibniz's interests like theodicy, necessity, logic, etc.
at 346 (reasoning that "[e]ven in compositions confessedly literary, [an] author may not intend .
Likewise, I think, the younger Lissitzky also remained loyal not only to the basic artistic principles but also to the elevated artistic attitude of his teacher, even as he became a first-generation Constructivist, aware that confessedly 'materialist' Constructivism had an axe to grind against anything so unapologetically metaphysical as a mode of useless abstract painting making embarrassingly spiritual claims.
It is a confessedly circular theory: causation is explained in terms of powers; powers in terms of dispositions (causes) towards some types of manifestations (effects).
See ON LIBERTY, supra note 25, at 47 ("[P]rotection against themselves is confessedly due to children and persons under age.
Our marriage laws are confessedly imperfect, and open to hair breadth escapes, which offer a fascinating complication, not devoid of probability.
Supposing that destiny, or interest, or chance, or what you will, has united a man, confessedly of a weak understanding, and corporeal debility, to a woman strong in the powers of intellect, and capable of bearing the fatigues of busy life: is it not degrading to humanity that such a woman should be the passive, and obedient slave, of such an husband?
That sheet, confessedly democratic, maintains, that slavery is correct in principle; that it is the national, normal, logical condition of the race of man, and that that principle is as applicable to the white man as well as to the black.
And whether the specific expert testimony focuses upon specialized observations, the specialized translation of those observations into theory, a specialized theory itself, or the application of such a theory in a particular case, the expert's testimony often will rest "upon an experience confessedly foreign in kind to [the jury's] own.
43) Confessedly, none of this community, or "com-unity," diminishes the historical and contemporary fact that distortional religions can also be conveyances for extreme sectarianism and divisive dogmatism.
No matter how determined the classificatory system of the nosology, nostalgia is confessedly misplaced, and the volitional and the autonomic blur.