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The petition read in part, 'the reason for writing this letter is the nagging issue of a confessional statement made by one of the convicts, Jimoh Sodiq, which is weighty and needs to be thorough and properly investigated.
'Entire nation is aware of the facts and this confessional statement is an attempt to divert the attention of the masses from their crimes,' she further added.
In the alleged forced confessional statements recorded under section 164 of the criminal procedure code, Mohsin said another suspect, Moazzam Ali, had handled his travel documents and stay in London.
Similarly, the accused Mohsin Ali denied of recording any confessional statement before the magistrate.
(10) Others have followed George's confessional narrative for Baptists in the southern states during the nineteenth century, including Baptist historians Thomas J.
fully reflect the interests of different sectors of society, take into account the ethno-cultural and confessional diversity of Russia.
'Uzair Baloch has confessed his involvement in heinous crimes of killings, extortion and occupation over lands in the area,' said Sajid Mehboob while submitting Baloch's confessional statement in SHC.
While the MQM spokesperson had rejected Farooq's confessional statement, the Rangers prosecution department insisted that it was still a crucial piece of evidence.
Third suspect, Moazzam Ali, has not recorded a confessional statement.
Partnering with the collective powers of Urban Confessional and Stronger Self Project truly makes this event transformative." Jackson added, "H.E.A.L.
If the confessional in Catholic churches could speak, they would reveal the horrors of the word 'nanlaban (fought back).'
Download Franjieh for unity in face of confessional discourse NNA - Maradah Movement Head, MP Sleiman Franjieh, recalled Saturday before a delegation of supporters from the town of al-Fouar in Zgharta that "we have always been the model of living together in the worst circumstances," highlighting the importance of unity in confronting sectarian campaigns and confessional discourse.