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CONFESSOR, evid. A priest of some Christian sect, who receives an account of the sins of his people, and undertakes to give them absolution of their sins.
     2. The general rule on the subject of giving evidence of confidential communications is, that the privilege is confined to counsel, solicitors, and attorneys, and the interpreter between the counsel and the client. Vide Confidential Communications. Contrary to this general rule, it has been decided in New York, that a priest of the Roman Catholic denomination could not be compelled to divulge secrets which he had received in auricular confession. 2 City Hall Rec. 80, n.; Joy on Conf. Sec. 4, p. 49. See Bouv. Inst. n. 3174 and note.

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Discernment" was the prevailing theme in the pope's message to the confessors during the seminar:
Albert Huart was also a retreat director, confessor and spiritual guide.
The death of King Edward the Confessor unleashed a battle for the crown of England.
Glorious T ga gh8C c ju afte Thr That triumph was gained from a handicap rating of 86, and The Confessor competes from just 3lb higher this afternoon.
This tale presents a physically, morally, and spiritually strong heroine who reads the Bible independently and who successfully acts as a confessor.
Sure to be cherry-ripe this evening, The Confessor can unleash his trademark burst of early speed to lead on the run-up and can hold a decisive advantage over heavily-penalised pair Henry Jewel and Newtown Skip On through halfway.
According to the complaint, the woman became a Catholic in 2003 and said her spiritual advisor encouraged her to seek professional counseling for the sexual abuse that occurred in her childhood and to seek a "regular confessor within the Catholic church.
It contains the towering sacred Shrine of St Edward the Confessor, who reigned as King of England from 1042 to 1066.
Henry, himself deeply pious, held the Confessor in special reverence and had named his first son Edward after him.
THE Confessor won with any amount in hand at Southwell a week ago, and another bold show can be expected in the Epsom Trainers Open Day August 22nd Handicap at Kempton today.
A priest can be a confessor granting absolution and also a spiritual director.
Edward the Confessor was one of England's first Christian kings, and is a Christian saint.