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It is gut-wrenching to hear the stories of people who have experienced workplace bullying," says author Kalli Matsuhashi, owner of Executive Confidante.
Later, those disciples realised He was referring to Judas, a so-called confidante of Jesus.
Long-time admirers of Donald Kohn, the recently appointed Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve, find themselves somewhat perplexed, Earlier this year the normally savvy former Fed staff member and Greenspan confidante took the surprising position of stating that the U.
Debuting June 8, the series--already a hit in the United Kingdom--stars Jemima Rooper as Thelma, a schoolgirl in love with her confidante and roommate, Cassie.
Confidante, dam of 1,000 Guineas runner-up Confidential Lady, has foaled a colt by Medicean.
The biography of the wife and trusted confidante of Ute Chief Ouray, Chipeta: Queen Of The Utes is the story of a Native American woman who was able to gain the trust of both whites and Utes as they sought here opinions on the issues of the day.
None other than Simone Simmons, the therapist and psychic who says she WAS a Di confidante.
President Bush has nominated Karen Hughes, a former TV reporter from Texas and long-time confidante and adviser, for a new job--undersecretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs--which essentially means trying to change the rotten image the United States now has overseas, particularly in the Arab world.
David Somerville has been friend, mentor and confidante for a number of clerics: the late Archbishop Edward Scott, his ATC classmate; Archbishop Michael Peers, a member of his clergy staff at St.
Schmalhausen was a pupil, caregiver and confidante of Liszt in his last years.
She is a very remarkable woman herself' Mary told her cousin of the freed woman who would become her couturier, friend and confidante.
Their projectionist, the laconic Buster Lighthouse Smith, becomes Stanley's friend, confidante and mentor.