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The Confidante Miami Beach offers a unique setting to tell a memorable story, and through branded content and this creative opportunity with Dua Lipa, we were able to create a broader campaign that serves as inspiration to modern travelers who seek adventures and story-worthy experiences.
Taking cues from its mid-century modern design, The Confidante will celebrate its unique, storied history, as well as its future, with historical details throughout its spaces, bright colors, whimsical accents, and a relaxed, elegant vibe.
Much of the comedy worked: Tiny Igor Slowpokin (Manolo Molina), as Siegfried's confidante Benno, made a huffy exit, tripping ignominiously over a kneeling swan and in chagrin, gave her a kick.
The enormous catalogue sidesteps some of the more obvious suspects in favor of Minimalism experts Briony Fer and James Meyer, Philadelphia curator Ann Temkin, SF MOMA conservators Jill Sterrett and Michelle Barger, and writer and Hesse confidante Gioia Timpanelli; it also features a roundtable on conservation issues surrounding the works, many of which were made with experimental (and now disintegrating) materials.
Singling out an employee to be a confidante can undermine morale within an organization.
A woman who, the evidence suggests, was Clinton's mistress and confidante for 12 years, and who has seemed reasonable if not actually graceful in recent appearances ranging from TV interviews to Oxford University, suddenly publicly endorses the idea that the president is complicit in multiple murders.
Harris, a Brown confidante who helped arrange that fund-raiser.
This is an anecdotal self-help book based on the author's thirty years of experience as a paraplegic, a college professor, and a student's confidante.
With deep historical roots in Miami Beach, The Confidante is a three-towered property that pays homage to the vibrant feeling of the city in the 1950s.
A study conducted by Harvard University says that having a confidante boosts physical functioning and vitality among women.
Byline: MAEVE QUIGLEY Mirror's TV editor on a Carrigstown confidante