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Not listed as among the numerous disguises Melville's confidence man assumes, (13) the man in cream-colors is thus part of a preamble, which plays upon a particular religious stage from which the Cosmopolitan can later offer his alternative speech on Providence the way Balzac prepares for his narrator's evaluation of Christian decrepitude to come in a local chapel.
She begins with Poe and Baudelaire and proceeds by way of Kant and some contemporary "culture wars" voices such as Gerald Graff, John Guillory, Tony Bennett, and George Will, then an extended discussion of such nineteenth-century French pedagogical figures as Condorcet, La Harpe, l'abbe Gregoire, Hegel, and Taine on science, such twentieth-century French educational thinkers as Lanson and Peguy, finally to the most detailed discussion in the book, of Melville's Confidence Man and Benito Cereno, and a conclusion by way of Emily Dickinson.
Collapsing, in the manner of Melville's The Confidence Man, two senses of the verb to act, Brown shows the regulatory force of the mask for blacks who must live up to white scripts even as they work them to other purposes.
He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people's vanity, ignorance, or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse.
Oskar Schindler, failed businessman, war profiteer, womanizer, and confidence man, has come to Poland with his own ledger, a financial one.
Big con practitioners, in turn, become simply one more type of confidence man.
In this book, the president is little more than a political confidence man.
Chicago) profiles one of 19th-century New York's most significant criminals: George Appo, a pickpocket, confidence man, and opium addict who lived off his criminal activities during his teenage years and much of his adult life, and during the 1870s and 1880s would take as much in a single night as a skilled manual laborer earned in a year.