confidence trick

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In the mid 19th century, the gatehouse was enmeshed in a somewhat unholy confidence trick by Benedictine nuns wanting to move from Salford Hall, at Abbots Salford near Evesham.
Confidence Trick looked a progressive juvenile for Sir Michael Stoute when quickening up well to prove much better than Connor's Choice in the 7f maiden.
I blame equally all paramilitaries for their particular confidence trick of carrying on with their own cynical versions of peace - a peace which has seen attacks on all sides of our community," he said.
Perhaps it is part of a deliberate confidence trick, to destroy our country, like Greece, or the SNP, with excessive debt, until we are so impoverished that we could appear dependant on overseas government.
I thought the referendum was a carefully connived confidence trick in which the Scottish people were to be led like lambs to the slaughter by David Cameron and Alex Salmond, who fell as the victim due to the lack of public support and resigned.
While this particlar confidence trick was in progress you were wanted in Yorkshire for something similiar.
One investor lost a total of $357,000 in the confidence trick.
One is the 'advance-fee fraud', which is a confidence trick.
It is a fib, a porkie pie of the most succulent variety, a confidence trick for the amusement of the ladies.
At the very moment when the economy is teetering on the brink of recession and the people with the most limited disposable incomes are starting to show signs of really being no longer able to meet their bills, Gordon Brown's politically opportunist confidence trick of a 2007 Budget, by which he lowered a higher tax band - but only by abolishing a lower tax one - could be the final straw that breaks the proverbial back.
MI6 fumed he was a 'dangerous charlatan and confidence trick merchant'.
Sir Michael Stoute was initially on the round gallop, where Ryan Moore took the leg-up on the Rahy colt Confidence Trick, and later on, Heaven Sent and Echelon stretched their legs on the same patch.