confidential matter

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An Educate Together statement said: "We don't comment on individual cases due to the confidential matter of such cases.
It includes confidential matter from 420,000 websites consisting of household names and small Internet sites.
Calling it a strictly confidential matter, Mudgal did say whatever he made of the interaction was stated in the report that is available with all parties.
This is an internal and confidential matter, we cannot provide details of what extra security measures were made because of security concerns" the official said.
He added: "Any breach of the team's code of conduct is a confidential matter.
It's a confidential matter with the racecourses, and they decide how they spend the money," he said, confirming in one fell swoop what many people had long since suspected.
On April 18, nearly two months after the incident, and because I would not accept her ruling that the ambulance response time was a confidential matter between the patient and the ambulance service, MrsWhyham MBE, chairman of the NorthWest Ambulance Service, referred the dispute to the Parliamentary and Health ServicesOmbudsman.
He asked for anonymity for discussing a confidential matter.
I know and Benni knows why he is not playing as much but that is a confidential matter between the two of us, " said the Blackburn boss.
The hearing is due to conclude on 19 November 2008 and is a confidential matter.
Suzuki, whose team are currently in their third season in Formula One, added: "Due to legal conditions, we are unable to expand on, allude to or provide further details regarding this confidential matter at present.
I asked my Housing Office (when I paid my rent) whether these were paid positions, however I was told this was a confidential matter within the company.

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