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I may give one other case: so confidently did I expect to find gradations in important points of structure between the different castes of neuters in the same species, that I gladly availed myself of Mr.
Stimulated by the exciting nature of the dialogue, the heroic man actually threw himself into a paralytic attitude, confidently supposed by the two bystanders to have been intended as a posture of defence.
But thus hast thou ever been: ever hast thou approached confidently all that is terrible.
He's not Seryozha now, but quite full-fledged Sergey Alexeitch!" said Stepan Arkadyevitch, smiling, as he looked at the handsome, broad-shouldered lad in blue coat and long trousers, who walked in alertly and confidently. The boy looked healthy and good-humored.
There was clearly another person above me--there was a person on the tower; but the presence on the lawn was not in the least what I had conceived and had confidently hurried to meet.
Before the depth reached his middle he was half-way over; the cur- rent would permit no more wading, now, so he struck out confidently to swim the remaining hundred yards.
The genuine masters of their craft - I say this confidently from my experience of ships - have thought of nothing but of doing their very best by the vessel under their charge.
"If you can persuade Mamma," she said; "but why should we change what is already settled?" He made no answer but that which his eyes returned, and she added, still more confidently smiling: "Tell my cousin yourself: I give you leave.
The Azerbaijani team participating in the 'Masters of Artillery Fire' contest, which is held as part of the International Army Games-2019 in Kazakhstan, has confidently started to compete, APA reports citing Azerbaijani MOD.
REMINDERS: There is NO RELIABLE TECHNOLOGY in the world that can confidently PREDICT THE EXACT TIME, DATE, and LOCATION of large earthquakes.
Our goal is to move confidently and decisively towards a happy future."
9 intercepted and ran on to sidefoot confidently past Muir.