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Among respondents in North America, a third (33%) are confident about the year ahead, the most confident of any region, but this is still a significant drop from 93% the previous year.
We have witnessed several hearings in which the confident went to great lengths to convince the panel that the athlete involved is an honest, reliable and likeable human being, but this unfortunately does not bear much weight in assessing doping cases.
It won't be easy - just as it apparently takes fewer muscles to frown than it does to smile, nature has decreed that it is easier to be pessimistic than confident - but the rewards for achieving it could be great.
Receive feedback from a close colleague about how you might be more confident and credibly commanding in challenging situations.
La longue relation de Proust avec les therapeutiques pharmacologiques est detaillee dans le courrier qu'il adresse a certains confidents.
But the arrival of the 1 Series will change all that and BMW is confident that the "traditional" drive train plus the presence of that high-value, blue and white roundel on the nose will be enough to persuade punters to part with the extra money and knock the front wheel drive Audi off its perch.
a) Ratio of geometric means of treated blotted uterine weights to the vehicle control blotted uterine weights after adjusting for the body weights at necropsy as a covariable (lower 95% confidents limit, upper 95% confidence limit).
Raison pour laquelle, a-t-elle precise, [beaucoup moins que]il est imperatif de promouvoir la communication et l'echange avec l'ensemble des etudiants pour les rapprocher de leurs enseignants et faire d'eux leurs confidents pour trouver des solutions a toutes les difficultes, qu'elles soient internes ou externes[beaucoup plus grand que].
Barak told The Sun: "Some of Michael's closest confidents talked to me exclusively about his addictions - and provided audio tapes of Michael never heard before.
These considerations all make raising funds more challenging and reduce confidents in the markets and in borrowers' ability to repay their debts.
The FERF survey report offers best practices to help the 25 percent of finance organizations who are less confident of their ability to provide consistently useful information.
Joseph Stalin was also confident of victory: modern war, he noted in November 1941, was a war of machines.