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Sanha felt better after confiding his concerns with an older member who was good at listening to his problems.
Six of the seven who finished immediately behind the colt won next time out and two others finished second, so there are solid foundations underpinning Confiding's pitching straight into the Group 2 Qatar Vintage Stakes on just his second start.
His worries are further confirmed when he overhears Marlon confiding his reticence to Paddy at the stag do.
A list of suggestions for lessons or reflection and the end of the book go over the central themes of feeling something one's heart, the value of confiding in a trusted older person, issues that can affect self-esteem, the value of trying something different for the fun of it, and the benefit of connecting with one's roots and family legacy.
Eschewing historical fact for something more relatable, the film draws more than one parallel between the monarchy and our current celeb-drenched culture, whether it's Marie Antoinette confiding in her male hairdresser, gossiping about who's gay in the court, or breezing through a gifting suite ('What do you have in fans?" she asks the eager attendant).
Bernard Rime, the researcher who, with colleagues, discovered the surprisingly high rate of confiding of our emotions to others, also found that such confiding does nothing to diminish the emotion's intensity.
Garrett Adams, forensic scientist at the scene, suspects foul play but dies suddenly of a heart attack after confiding this to Hannah.
True stories of the lives of courageous women, whether determinedly standing their ground or secretly confiding their weaknesses, assemble a composite picture of both the hardship and the joy of daily frontier life.
The banality of the situation cut me out of my confiding happiness." With Untitled, seen in Vienna after its first presentation at Kiasma in Helsinki, Semper puts a situation into images as it could not be in the everyday.