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Anna experienced almost physical pleasure in the sensation of his nearness, and his caresses, and moral soothing, when she met his simple, confiding, and loving glance, and heard his naive questions.
He had secretly interposed against this confiding young man, for no better real reason than because the young man's ways were not his ways.
But, the confiding young man proceeded to heap coals of fire on his sensitive head.
The confiding young man besought him to state his case.
To all, Mr Fledgeby listened with the modest gravity becoming a confiding young man who knew it all beforehand, and, when it was finished, seriously shook his head.
Swiveller, I know I can rely upon you,'--'I have no hesitation in saying, Swiveller, that I entertain a regard for you,'--'Swiveller, you are my friend, and will stand by me I am sure,' with many other short speeches of the same familiar and confiding kind, purporting to have been addressed by the single gentleman to himself, and to form the staple of their ordinary discourse, neither Mr Brass nor Miss Sally for a moment questioned the extent of his influence, but accorded to him their fullest and most unqualified belief.
Just make sure your daughter knows the door is open so she's comfortable confiding in you.
His worries are further confirmed when he overhears Marlon confiding his reticence to Paddy at the stag do.
A list of suggestions for lessons or reflection and the end of the book go over the central themes of feeling something one's heart, the value of confiding in a trusted older person, issues that can affect self-esteem, the value of trying something different for the fun of it, and the benefit of connecting with one's roots and family legacy.
Eschewing historical fact for something more relatable, the film draws more than one parallel between the monarchy and our current celeb-drenched culture, whether it's Marie Antoinette confiding in her male hairdresser, gossiping about who's gay in the court, or breezing through a gifting suite ('What do you have in fans?
He stays low-key about successfully solving the town's problems, of course, confiding only in his best friend, a gnome called Big-Ears, who's ever-congratulatory.
Instead of confronting Sophie with the truth, Annabel chooses to hold the truth secret, not confiding in anyone.