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The software should also offer effective testing capabilities because, even with advanced configurability, testing is still an essential part of the overall process.
In contrast, a modern system that's balanced between configurability and structure has a strong technology backbone built in C++ or Java or other technology.
So, a question: In this changing landscape where vendors are increasingly focused on standardization and "out of the box" applications offer improved configurability, are there any circumstances in which customization remains a viable option today?
Configurability is the way to go, but consider a few key points when you climb on the bandwagon.
Dolphin's flexible "low-touch to no-touch" process configurability allows quick turnaround on end-of-day activities.
Aras's new vault replication features build on the company's existing replication functionality, to provide unmatched fault tolerance, system configurability and end user simplicity.
MAQUET SERVO ventilators are known globally for optimal performance configurability, upgradability, and modularity.
"Our customers demand configurability, performance, durability and a reasonable price for their rugged notebook computers," said Steven Gau, president.
According to Ruger, the rifle combines the reliability of the Ruger 10/22 with the ergonomics and configurability of the new AR-style Ruger SR-556.
AoThe Phaser 6121MFP provides a new luxury in the entry-level segment Au configurability, with options to meet a businessAAEs specific needs and to grow as the business, does,Ao said Dan Smith, GM for Integrated Marketing, Xerox, MEA (DMO).
Editors Prasad (wireless information and multimedia communications, Aalborg U., Denmark) and Mihovska (engineering, CTIF, Aalborg U., Denmark) have aimed this information at students and research engineers in wireless communications, enlisting the help of experts to cover the results of FP6 IST projects that define end-to-end configurability, flexible network and gateway architectures, self-configurable air interfaces and advance resource management solutions.