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The ZL2105 combines the digital power management capabilities, simple configurability and high efficiency of our existing ZL2005 into a part that is ideal for lower power applications," said Jim Templeton, Zilker Labs' vice president of marketing.
Yutaka Murao, senior fellow and general manager for Telecommunications and Custom LSI business at Toshiba's Semiconductor Company said, "We see strong potential needs for configurability among customers in multiple media-oriented application arenas, and believe that Toshiba should provide customers with the most versatile platform.
These new agreements are the result of the region's move toward configurability, and our ongoing efforts to educate the market on the 21st century's SoC design methodology.
It is in such applications where designers can add their own "special sauce" with configurability to achieve differentiation.
The flexibility, configurability and user-friendly interface will allow us to quickly adapt to the new system and see the results we need to support our business objectives.
Fujitsu found that ReadyOn offered the configurability and flexibility needed to achieve its performance goals.
ARC has made tremendous progress over the past two years to transform itself into the leader in configurability," said Derek Meyer, senior vice president of sales and marketing.
Cost, staffing and inflexibility are driving the move away from older customized systems that don't offer configurability.
Peacock: Configurability is the key to taking significant risk out of core administration system implementations, but needless to say, there can be drawbacks if strong technology and design governance is not enforced on the project.