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Configurational measures are that they have been revealed to relate intensely with pedestrian and vehicular movement in many cities, without reference to any other aspects such as land use or population density.
The plot actually restructures episodic events into a configurational arrangement which can be read as a significant whole, and this reflective act translates the plot into one "thought", the theme or overall meaning of the text as a whole.
Configurational Comparative Methods: Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Related Techniques.
Here are some design implications through the lens of street properties to illustrate the role of street geometries in urban morphology and its configurational pattern.
Except for a single qualitative study on nursing homes conducted by Eaton (2000) that highlighted the need for a configurational approach to this type of research, the few studies that have examined additive or interactive effects of HPWP on outcomes have not been conducted in the health care sector (MacDuffie 199,5; Barnard and Rodgers 2000; Macky and Boxal12007).
The HR practices can follow universal, contingency and configurational perspectives.
This configurational approach extends prior research by allowing consideration of higher-order interactions that can only be investigated when relationships between multiple variables are investigated (Delery and Doff, 1996).
Entrepreneurial strategy making and firm performance: tests of contingency and configurational models, Strategic Management Journal 18(9): 677-695.
In Table 1, we report the configurational energy per particle for each of the four solvents studied; water is also included.
Space is the machine, part four: theorethical synthesis, in Space is the Machine: a Configurational Theory of Architecture, Space Syntax, Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge.
Being a precise indicator of the group's configurational constraints and resources at a given time, the RCA permits a precise and contextualized analysis of the structuring of beliefs.
Although we eventually learned that different configurational bilirubin isomers have comparable antioxidant activities, collaborating with Tony afforded an insight into the chemistry and properties of bile pigments, without which a meaningful assessment of their antioxidant activity would not have been possible.

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