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more fine-grained conceptualization of institutional distance and associated context conditions then paves the way for the third contribution, which involves opening up the possibility to explore the configurational relationships between those dimensions and their complex effects on MNCs and their ability to overcome institutional distance.
Accordingly, and to address the causally complex, asymmetrical and contingent nature of relationship-performance interdependence in service triads, we adopt configurational logic and a related technique: fsQCA.
The entrepreneurial personality in the context of resources, environment, and the startup process--A configurational approach.
Parallels between the nouns listed above and others which share their characteristics in terms of Talmy's configurational system can be outlined through analogical schematic analyses.
Configurational measures are that they have been revealed to relate intensely with pedestrian and vehicular movement in many cities, without reference to any other aspects such as land use or population density.
A Configurational Examination of Corporate Governance Mechanisms" will be published in the Academy of Management Journal.
1 Configurational structure [schematic (+ temporal) structure]
Space Syntax analysts made a significant contribution to advance configurational understanding of the built environment (Penn 2003; Conroy 2003; Whitehand 1987), whereas space syntax does not take into account the role of visual perception.
The significance of spatial structure in affecting pedestrian movement has been addressed through the framework of configurational analysis of space syntax.
Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) and configurational thinking in management studies.

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