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If you enabled WEP on your wireless access point router, you'll need to configure a WEP key on your laptop by selecting your network (Linksys, in our example) in the Available networks window and clicking on Configure to produce the Wireless Network Properties window (exhibit 8, at right).
Configure Offline Files, Roaming Profiles & Folder Redirection
Even though cloning software handles general configuration issues as they relate to operating systems and user applications, as mentioned in the final step of the cloning process, it's critical to use a solution that also addresses the need to configure a computer's unique properties.
We are proud that our SelfService software has been performing so well for Orange, and we are pleased that they are the first mobile operator to test our new SelfService Configure product.
The download will allow users to try the software, configure non-production services, and attend regularly scheduled webinars where they can interact with XAware experts and receive additional information and assistance.
The Ultimus iBAM Suite enables organizations to rapidly configure and deploy BAMports for individual KPIs within minutes using the full flexibility of a rules engine to translate data and events into any meaningful business metric.
This flexibility ensures that OpenConnect can configure an optimal solution based on each customer's existing IT architecture to enable a secure, maintainable, high-performance SOA service.
That's why there's a critical need to remove any reliance on local IT staff to install, configure and manage strategic WAN application optimization appliances that are actually enterprise-wide -- as opposed to point product -- solutions.