confined room

See: cell
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The emotional appeal of those yells grew upon me steadily, grew at last to such an exquisite expression of suffering that I could stand it in that confined room no longer.
It was a close, confined room, poorly furnished; and the chimney smoked to boot, or the tin screen at the top of the fireplace was superfluous; but constant pains and care had made it neat, and even, after its kind, comfortable.
Pardiggle accordingly rose and made a little vortex in the confined room from which the pipe itself very narrowly escaped.
Smokers who have children don't realise that if they smoke in a confined room, for every five cigarettes they have, their child passively smokes one.
2] is a normal component of the air we breathe and exhale in a confined room, 10% concentration will cause unconsciousness in humans.
One may well imagine the priests working on a daily basis within those fairly confined rooms being able to tell that a given chamber was somewhat deeper than the ones beside it, but whether they could have spotted the particular alignment with the rooms in the area immediately to the north is an interesting question.