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Lynching, then, works to confine African Americans in the same way as enforced visibility does: Both have as their effect "the imposition of an extreme corporeality," which is precisely what "define[s] .
The dot confines electrons to a region within a thin layer of a semiconductor or metal.
Isaac Newton, defining nature's forces in the stark confines of mathematical equations, spurned centuries of worship.
In Slonem's recent paintings, birds - symbols of the human soul - point to the need to create a space for the spiritual and to the increasingly narrow confines that it inhabits.
The undercover footage was recorded at an Iowa Select Farms facility in Kamrar, Iowa, that confines thousands of pigs.
Sheep like the steep confines of the Sheep Mountain Wilderness Area, and they also like open areas for protection.
In other words, particles heap up on one side of the ring that confines them.