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Future work is also recommended to experimentally validate some of the recommended confining models for strength and ductility enhancement.
It was found by the study that the axial compressive strength of FRP confined concrete in elliptical specimens is controlled by the amount of confining FRP and the major to minor axis length ratio a/b of the column section.
Kobayashi, a Sapporo resident, is suspected of confining the woman from Ako, Hyogo Prefecture, in a hotel room and in his home in Adachi Ward between March 8 and June 19 last year using a collar and chain.
Some treatments of confining pressure on every sample were 25 kPa, 50 kPa and 100 kPa, respectively.
As markers of European medical superiority, institutions propagated the myth of medicine as an import ant means of colonization despite their limitations in actually confining and treating patients.
This book contextualizes women who have been out there since before queer theory but without confining them in any way.
A "[B]igger's place" - the enforced African-American place within visibility - seems, then, to be more restricting and confining than the "nigger's place" which the lynch mob promises to show Taylor.
While both Haney and Grassian advocate confining mentally ill offenders in hospitals or, at least, in prisons with specially designed mental,health units, both recognize that this is not about to happen soon.