confirm officially

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"We have said more than once and can confirm officially once again that Russia has had nothing to do with the events in Salisbury.
Though the police did not confirm officially, sources told Times of Oman that the body was found in Masrooq in Ibri.
"We confirm officially that he is dead," he told the Associated Press.
However, on Monday, the ministry did not confirm officially announcing a ban and no tweets related to the ban were found on its official twitter page @MoEWUAE.
Celtic were last night refusing to confirm officially a deal has been put together to bring the youngster to Glasgow but a source said: "He's a player of interest."
ELEM and EVN refused to confirm officially that in their reports to the Regulatory Energy Commission they called for a price revision.
The RFU and Premiership Rugby want to conduct the process behind a wall of secrecy with neither organisation prepared to confirm officially who will be involved in the selection of the new England coach.
"I can't confirm officially any approach because personally I haven't been contacted by anyone," said Fulop.
It was one of those things we wouldn't confirm officially with them," said the source, who had detailed knowledge of the operations.
It was one of those things we wouldn't confirm officially with them," The Guardian quoted the ex-official, who claimed having detailed knowledge of the clandestine raids.
One of the ships, the Hanit, already crossed the canal both ways in June, in what the source said was the first case of a large Israeli warship using the strategic waterway, although this was not possible to confirm officially.