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For this reason, many plans spanning a range of values for the firm are confirmable.
Description of the CoAP messages Message Description CON Confirmable requests that the receiving peer sends an acknowledgement or a reset NON Non-confirmable messages do not request any message being sent by the receiving peer ACK Acknowledges that a CON has been received, may carry payload RST Indicates that a CON has been received but some context is missing to process it Fig.
For example, are inferences drawn from the data credible and confirmable (Denzin & Lincoln, 2000) and do inferences cohere into a credible, confirmable argument (Hammersly & Atkinson, 1995)?
Active Robots demonstrated the quickness at which a researcher could establish Baxter and gain viable and confirmable results.
This was the first, and to my recollection, only time in recent history DAV officially endorsed a specific nominee for a confirmable position," said former Washington Headquarters Executive Director Dave Gorman.
Yanukovych "has left Kiev in an orderly fashion, packed up his things and left, and his whereabouts are not known to us in a confirmable way," Carney said during a briefing.
None of these countries have confirmable measurement systems in place for counting their dead mothers and newborns (World Health Organization [WHO], 2007).
In part 2, following this meeting, each participant was instructed to assess sequentially for each specimen the percentage of cells present with EGFR membrane staining intensities of 3+ (strong; visible at low levels of magnification, X5 objective lens; Figure 1, A; which could be confirmed at higher levels as required; Figure 1, B), 2+ (moderate; staining visible at intermediate levels of magnification, X10 or X20 objective lenses; Figure 1, C and D), 1+ (weak; only reliably confirmable at high magnification, X40 objective lens; Figure 1, E and F) and 0 (no staining visible at high magnification).
Happiness experts claim to have discovered, over the past 30 years, what strikes me as one of those findings one might call startling, were it not for the fact of its being instantly confirmable at the instinctive level of human awareness.
prospects time to work with creditors and to propose confirmable plans.
Results of KMO tests suggest that the model sufficiency is confirmable at a balanced level and indicate to appropriateness of factor analysis pattern for operation of this research.
When the Commissioner's position became Senate confirmable in the late 1980s, some believe an adverse change took place.