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A weak President can bolster his political standing with a widely respected and easily confirmable pick.
A qualitative researcher in the field of counseling who was not directly involved with this research conducted an independent audit of the research data and process to ensure that the procedures used were dependable and the findings confirmable (Lincoln & Guba, 1985).
However, unless the treatment of the Lenders is modified, the Plan (as modified to date) will not be confirmable absent acceptance by the Lenders, the only class of creditors that is impaired under the present iteration of the Plan," he left the window open for TRBP to amend the Plan to address the needs of the Lenders, and setting up a situation where veto power could be revoked.
2) What is at stake here is the scientificity of phenomenology, including, for instance, the requirement that its research results be intersubjectively confirmable by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft in question (see, e.
Proper science, critics of intelligent design claim, is restricted to natural explanations of empirical evidence and confirmable data.
Yet, a confirmable director for national security also would have major disadvantages, beginning with accountability to Congress .
256) Therefore, while courts typically do not delve into the [section] 1129(b) factors before a cram down hearing, courts may refuse to approve a plan where it is obviously defective and would not be confirmable at a later stage.
In the absence of confirmable structures, there are competing explorations none of which can empirically be confirmed.
This difference implies that the strategies stated in the questionnaire context are not yet fully confirmable and accepted in the perspectives of the respondents.
He grouped the cases into a number of demographic and clinical categories, and determined those characteristics most favorable to a confirmable diagnosis of malaria.
The basic idea was to constrain those cabinet members who were readily confirmable and perhaps more independent from straying from the Reagan administration's policy plans.
In this case, the cause is known, the diagnosis is confirmable by X-ray, and sensitivity tests tell us which drug to use.