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Aurelio Trampe also said the confirmatory drug test for suspect Supt.
The DexCom system is the only COM system approved by the FDA for use without finger sticking or confirmatory monitoring.
United States-based PTC Therapeutics' protein restoration therapy, ataluren, has failed to meet the primary and secondary endpoints in a phase three trial named Ataluren Confirmatory Trial in patients with nonsense mutation cystic fibrosis (nmCF), it was reported on Friday.
Rather, it is necessary for a pilot study to be designed and evaluated along with its companion confirmatory study, which is to be conducted after the pilot study if the findings from the pilot study support the decision to move forward with the confirmatory study.
Pre-registration of the planned hypotheses and statistical methods for confirmatory experiments eliminates many difficult-to-detect biases that are pervasive in experimental research (Nosek, Spies, & Motyl, 2012; Wagenmakers, Wetzels, Borsboom, van der Maas, & Kievit, 2012).
Ellinas said that the analysis of a confirmatory drilling was governed by international regulations and that the analysis of the results must meet certain criteria based on probabilities.
A survey was also conducted showing that 13 of the 25 responding laboratories were still doing confirmatory testing for bilirubin by Ictotest (52%).
Asked when confirmatory drilling would take place in block 12, Lakkotrypis said "the rig will be moved to block 12 in June, mid or late June, confirmatory drilling will begin almost immediately, and we hope it will be concluded by October.
The main confirmatory research question guiding the design of the impact evaluation is: "What is the impact of Success for All (SFA) on elementary school students' reading achievement, compared to students in non-SFA schools?
And since there are no FDA-approved confirmatory tests available in the U.
24 May 2011 - Danish biopharma company Neurosearch A/S (CPH: NEUR) said today the European Medicine Agency (EMA) has required a confirmatory phase III trial with Huntington's disease drug Huntexil to support a marketing application.
Her group's study aimed to see whether immunohistochemistry screening, followed by a confirmatory test using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), is a practical way to do this.