confirmed opposition

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed opposition groups had taken the base after clashes and intense shelling that killed 15 rebel fighters and 20 government forces.
Yet, despite that fixture being scrapped, the under-21s will still face yet-to-be confirmed opposition on March 26.
Amid China's increasing maritime activities in the East and South China Seas, Kishida and Kerry also confirmed opposition to any attempt to change the status quo by force, and the importance of maintaining international order based on the rule of law.
On agriculture, she confirmed opposition to genetically modified foods, hormone-treated beef, and to allowing the generic use of terms like champagne' and chateau' in the wine sector.
Confirmed opposition is difficult to quantify at this stage as many contenders hold alternative entries, but Tidal Bay looks sure to be a major player.
The Vikings entertain newly promoted Salford City Reds (subject to confirmation by the RFL) on Tuesday, January 27 and the following Sunday, February 1, Widnes take on yet to be confirmed opposition.
The justice and security commissioner of the European Union and European airlines have confirmed opposition to attempts to ban aircraft passengers from carrying liquids on flights.
Taliban officials confirmed opposition troops had entered the city and that the Islamic militia's forces were regrouping inside the town.
Spanish prime minister Felipe Gonzalez confirmed opposition wins over the ruling Socialist Party in Belgrade and 14 other towns.