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Head of the Village Council, Ahmad Sukar, told PNN that the farmers Saber Manasra and Jum'a Yousef Assaf have found the Israeli notices which show that Israel will confiscate 60 acres of their land in al-Bas and Khelit Arar adjacent to Tzur Hadassah settlement.
While the reason behind such orders to confiscate his property were not made clear, the value of what has been confiscated amounts to about ILS 500.000, Thawabtah said.
The second raid was conducted at GulshaneIqbal, Zainab Plaza, Karachi in which one illegal exchange comprising of 1x8 ports 2x4 port gateways alongwith laptop were confiscate. One person was arrested from the scene.
The post ( Israel Confiscates Shoes in Gaza Claiming They Are for 'Terrorist' Purposes appeared first on ( Palestine Chronicle.
When McCloud confiscates goods that need a positive ID, she sends them to a 23,000 square-foot, $3.5 million forensics lab in Ashland, Oregon.