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To be noted, military searches and raids against shops in the area have been carried out by the Israeli army during the past two days, during which surveillance cameras were confiscated.
Speaking at a plenary session devoted to the review of the budget of the Ministry of Finance for the year 2018, he added that 22 companies confiscated and managed by "Al Karama Holding" will be sold before the end of 2017.
Israeli soldiers confiscated, Sunday, at least three privately-owned Palestinian vehicles in the ar-Ras al-Ahmar area, southeast of Tubas, in the northeastern part of the occupied West Bank.
We confiscated the gamefowls, duck and 45 days chicken from the persons carrying it because they can't present any veterinary health certificate,' he said.
An India dhow which had loaded about 400,000 liters of gasoil from a terminal in Hormozgan and was bound to Somalia was seized by the Coastguard Unit and confiscated," Abdollah Giti-Manesh told Shana on Monday.
The Minister also said among the confiscated property, there are 539 properties of which 35 are only available to the Ministry of Finance.
Tuttuh said a total of 70 sacks of used clothes were confiscated with an estimated market value of R1,050,000, including several perishable items.
The Ottoman Empire had granted non-Muslims immunity from confiscation but today, the property of their foundations are being confiscated and this is a grave injustice.
The sources confirmed that the militants in Abbasi area affiliated to Hawija west of Kirkuk, confiscated dozens of houses belonging to the employees of the police and army after joining their departments of security in the city of Kirkuk.
This number is double the confiscated items that were registered in the organization's report for 2012, when confiscation operations reached 1,649 that included 2,553 million items.
Ever wondered what happened to all those items confiscated by teachers when you were at school?
Al-Daer Bani Malik border post, Jazan Region, Saudi Arabia, Jumada I 4, 1435, Mar 5, 2014, SPA -- Border patrols at Al-Daer Bani Malik border post, Jazan Region, has intercepted some persons trying to cross the border on foot into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, exchanged fire with them and confiscated a big quantity of live ammunition they were carrying on their backs.