confiscated property

See: contraband
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In the lapse of years, the confiscated property fell into the hands of strangers; the last of whom (having a taste for the turf) discovered, in course of time, that he was in want of money.
There were a couple of forms, notched and cut and inked all over; a small deal desk perched on four legs, at which no doubt the master sat; a few dog's-eared books upon a high shelf; and beside them a motley collection of peg-tops, balls, kites, fishing-lines, marbles, half-eaten apples, and other confiscated property of idle urchins.
The fact is, the old lady believed Rebecca to be the meekest creature in the world, so admirably, on the occasions when her father brought her to Chiswick, used Rebecca to perform the part of the ingenue; and only a year before the arrangement by which Rebecca had been admitted into her house, and when Rebecca was sixteen years old, Miss Pinkerton majestically, and with a little speech, made her a present of a doll--which was, by the way, the confiscated property of Miss Swindle, discovered surreptitiously nursing it in school- hours.
An Administrator will be appointed to manage and dispose of the confiscated property under the Act.
An administrator will be appointed to manage and dispose off the confiscated property.
When charges were proved in the court the Judge of ATC awarded 14 year rigorous imprisonment and confiscated property of culprit Miskeen Khan.
He announced the lifting of the legal administrator of more than 30 confiscated companies and the designation of structures in charge of the management of newly confiscated property in anticipation of their sale, indicating that the value of the confiscated property will reach 500 MD.
The latter have approached the Israeli authorities to secure the return of the confiscated property.
When the charges got proved the Judge of ATC awarded 28 years imprisonment and confiscated property of culprit Mohammad Ramzan Wasim.
The report also mentioned a weakness in the rate of liquidation of confiscated property which caused the State to incur bank debts worth 809.
Besides, Section 8( 8) has been inserted in PMLA providing for restoring confiscated property or part ther
Local sources told PNN that intense Israeli troopsbroke into the headquarters of the channel in Al-Bireh town north of Ramallah, confiscated property, and closed down the offices.