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To expropriate private property for public use without compensating the owner under the authority of the Police Power of the government. To seize property.

When property is confiscated it is transferred from private to public use, usually for reasons such as insurrection during a time of war or because the private property had been used in illegal activities. A person convicted of violating the Internal Revenue Code by carrying untaxed cigarettes may suffer the penalty of confiscation of any property used in the crime—as, for example, a truck.

Confiscation differs from Eminent Domain and condemnation in that the person from whom private property is taken is not compensated for its value at the time of confiscation.

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v. to take one's goods or property without legal right, although there may appear to be some lawful basis. In the case of a government seizing property, it may include taking without the just compensation as guaranteed by the Constitution. There are some acts of legal confiscation, such as taking an automobile used in illegal drug traffic. (See: condemnation, theft)

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A cinema in Ski, Norway has said that it will stop confiscating sweets from children who have not bought them at the cinema.
The pledge has been made after the cinema made headlines in the newspapers for confiscating the sweets of a nine-year-old girl because she had not bought the treats at the theatre.
Since there is no law that could prevent the ASG from using high-powered speedboats, Visaya said he requested the Department of Transportation to 'deputize' them in confiscating unregistered boats.
In 2010, PTA saved $ 2.29 million after confiscating 29 illegal gateways and 155 tellulars in 20 raids, and arrested 19 locals and three foreigners.