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The author conflates 'democratic reform' with proportional representation, an elected head of state (yet more politicians, pop stars or footballers?
As Gravers rightly notes, the book is the first of its kind in several decades, and represents a crucial step in redressing the fact that much popular discourse conflates Burma Studies with Bamar Studies.
Reich also disingenuously conflates consumers and the investing class.
For in choosing murder as a lens through which to examine ideas about causality, Kern frequently conflates causation with motivation, narrowing his exploration of human behavior down to the actions of individuals.
For instance, his 1805 perspective of Pandemonium, or Part of the High Capital of Satan and His Peers with its endless Neo-Classical arcades, and domes and pyramids belching fire, and sable backdrop of arid mountains conflates the horrors of Milton's Palace of the Rebel Angels with the smoke and flames of the Industrial Revolution (Lukacher tentatively suggests Ledoux's 1804 Cannon Factory at Chaux as a possible source for some of the imagery; surely the influence of Alexander Cozens at Coalbrookdale is there too).
John of the Cross, Blake, Van Gogh, Kafka, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Pier Paolo Pasolini, and various other film-makers-the visionary Jasper conflates them all into one vast generic landscape of the mind.
Some express feeling more hopeful after seeing and hearing the message (a presence also rendered less there by being broken down and shown in fragments throughout the film), using language that conflates the image of the Dalai Lama with the leader himself; monks mention Buddhist temples that have been destroyed--ruinous, palpable reminders of the absence of freedom; and villagers in traditional Tibetan garb are contrasted with urban youth dressed in Western clothing, who, when asked, offer the year 2000 as the year Tibet lost its freedom.
Amiri Baraka, poet laureate of New Jersey, launches himself into an ugly verbal brawl in which he conflates Ariel Sharon's policies with all of Israel, Israel with all Jews.
Some effort is made towards distinguishing between often very different movements in these explanations, but a more detailed introduction perhaps could have aided a general audience that is frequently exposed to media that frequently conflates Islamist movements.
I have previously argued that within an argument to show that we cannot perceive the causes of our sensations, Berkeley's Philonous conflates a psychological and an epistemic sense of 'immediately perceive,' and uses the principle of perceptual immediacy (PPI), that whatever is perceived by the senses is immediately perceived.
Language-free, they engage instead in a play of ultra-chic styling that conflates, for instance, the Arcadian longings of William Morris's organic patterning with the arch machine-age geometries of the Wiener Werkstatte, protopsychedelia and retro-futurism, accentuated with the exposed seams of early-'80s DIY pop culture.
Television, he argues, also conflates what should be the separate worlds of adults and children, with destructive results.