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As we ride out the heightened troubles of these times, as our domestic fears become conflated with international terror, let us work hard not to fall back on the models that have betrayed us so often, of cowboys, of careless verbiage and of blind faith in the culture of guns.
A third is the inclusion not only of separate quarto (1608) and Folio texts of King Lear, as in the Oxford, but in addition, a conflated text.
Leisure for its own sake was both a source of profit for some entrepreneurs but also a source of great moral conflict and confusion for many Calvinist-minded citizens who conflated time with money and thus found the expansion of opportunities for leisure a guilty pleasure at best.
Unwilling to consider that she is describing what Krauss incisively calls an "attempt to grasp the logical conditions of vision," most, like Kramer, have conflated "vision" with the "visionary.
In a squashed doughnut plan, Burgess has conflated the notion of librarian as guardian of a Benthamite panopticon, observing the whole organisation from a central position, with that of the librarian as gatekeeper, carefully monitoring users going in and out.
By the 1930s the ideology that had linked healthy motherhood and infancy to national prosperity gave way to a more traditional discourse that conflated "dependency" and immorality.
Bill first dubbed his efforts the Mob Project, a phrase that soon became conflated with Niven's coinage, which interestingly had already been co-opted to refer to sudden spikes in Internet traffic.
The AR's mixture of hard-line Modernism, the Picturesque, love of tradition and surprise, Englishness and the exotic was conflated there.
Moral imperatives of basic human dignity and worth became increasingly conflated with issues of class when Russia's printers found themselves still marginalized and alienated, even after expending so much energy in support of political rights for all throughout the revolution.
Kitsch and Ego are conflated here, and the point is missed entirely.
Yet, however sexy the front of the building, the back is extremely utilitarian: horizontal strips of window cut through drear walls of vertical corrugated metal - a rather animated debutant has been conflated, armadillo-like, with one of the grimmest concierges you can imagine.
Positioned somewhere between October and Real Life, Wedge conflated the former's privileging of the essay as a critical form with the latter's embrace of artists' writings and projects.