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My results were similar, and indicated a further correlation between guilty feelings and a conflation of non-directivity with student-centeredness.
C'est article adresse cette limitation en (1) illustrant I'etendue des disparites spatiales entre les recensements de 1996 et 2001 (2) examinant les tentatives de rectification de ce probleme dans d'autres juridictions et (3) presentant une solution 'faite au Canada' en ce que concerne la conflation des geometries du recensement.
Some scholars have suggested that these verses are a conflation of two traditions, the Elohist in verses 12-15a and 18b and verses 15b-18a of Priestly origin.
Bush's conflation of 9/11 and Saddam Hussein, it's clear, "A good story trumps a tree story almost any day.
I must admit, at first I wasn't sure that his conflation of pop and jazz would find its niche, but after listening to his album a few times, I fell in love with it (and developed a bit of a crash on Dave himself) and have purchased every one of his albums since, I know how much courage and strength of character it takes to come out, especially in the eyes of the sometimes unforgiving public, and I applaud Dave on his making the tough decision to do so.
They require a theory where the lexical verb does not contribute arguments in conflation structures, a conclusion motivated empirically.
Drawing on a range of criticism and interviews, Scott examines Baldwin's complicated articulation of sexual difference before discussing the novel's conflation of sacred and secular language.
While there is no doubt that Leonardo would have inflected his understanding of Alberti's rhetorical notion of compositio through the focusing lens of his scientific studies, the two lines of descent from a common Aristotelian root tell us more about the conflation of sources in early modern discussions of art than about their separation.
Their artfulness at indicating how much of it they possessed has landed us the conflation of beauty and asset value we suffer now.
Arising out of presumptuousness, if not arrogance, as well as historical privation, if not cultivated ignorance, this is the disease of the conflation of science with scientism, a conflation that corrodes the faculty of imagination and critical thought of the inflicted, and eats up that very cultural space which provides for the free expression of ideas.
What Gates does that is remarkably new is the conflation of Wheatley and Jefferson, and how they, in their differences, helped to mold the black literary tradition.