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The conflation of stories dramatized by the children's play makes Ruby's history a sacred text of community martyrdom, and as a sacred text the story is God-given truth.
But the more recent book suffers from many of the same conflations, reductiveness, false unities, false dichotomies, and oversimplifications as Black Feminist Theory.
Encased in its own pristinely Koonsian vitrine, Marc Quinn's Self, 1991 (a flaking, peeling cast of the artist's head formed from nine pints of his own frozen blood, now by accident sadly melted), one-upped Bruce Nauman's early conflations of signature and bodily index, while calmly and without histrionics incorporating all the sadism of Nauman's later video output as well.
The final chapter, "Daughters: Conflations of Discourse," focuses on public and private voices which, by their very interplay, impose silence within and between black gender relations.
Edwards, with his perspectival conflations of franchise architecture, distills a landscape as American as Starbucks and AOL.