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And that's not all--twenty years ago he would have found in that literature traces of conflict with authorities, with the creeds of the ages; he would have perceived from this conflict that there was something else; but now he comes at once upon a literature in which the old creeds do not even furnish matter for discussion, but it is stated baldly that there is nothing else--evolution, natural selection, struggle for existence--and that's all.
The golden-haired, white-skinned therns battling with desperate courage in hand-to-hand conflict with their ebony-skinned foemen.
The location of dams in Pakistan administered Kashmir are a source of major conflict with India that stakes claim to the territory.
Findings of the research revealed that female doctor with personality type A are more experienced work family conflict with their jobs rather than female doctor with personality type B.
If a patient is in conflict with an employee, the patient may refuse to let that employee care for him or her; therefore, reducing the overall efficiency of the unit.
On the other, it is in conflict with all its neighbours.
Human beings interact with each other for their mutual give and take and as such come in conflict with another.
It was found that for working women in India there is more work life conflict with family when there are more than two dependent members in the family and especially old-age/sick members that demand more time responsibility and income generation from the bread winner in family.
Workplace conflicts may arise because of: (1) lack of open or adequate communication between employees or between employees and bosses; (2) power struggles between departments with conflicting objectives or reward systems; (3) the incompatibility of personal goals, social values, or personality characteristics; (4) role behavior required by employees' jobs that conflict with their personal values; or (5) leadership styles (particularly authoritarian and laissez faire styles).
When salespeople perceive strong relationship conflict, the salespeople transmits information relatively more often, will have relatively stronger relationship conflict with the engineer (F=11.41, p<.001).
Whether you are the manager or the person in conflict with a peer, sit down with the other party to discuss the issue and attempt to establish a mutually acceptable resolution.
Ethnic nationalism reflects its conflict with ideas of a plural society with multiple identities.

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