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non-confrontational, inactive, and withdrawal strategies which the conflicting parties use to shut down communication or distract from conflict issues (Bacal, 2004; De Dreu, Evers, Beersma, Kluwer, & Nauta, 2001).
It is already provoking conflicting points of view and feelings Topics of conflict are arising between and within, societies.
Even though the respondents were from different disciplines, different religious affiliations and different nationalities, there seems to be agreement between them as far as the responses to these questions are concerned, and even in those cases where the responses seem different, they are complementary, rather than conflicting.
Many organizations tend to rely on a traditional system that depends heavily on adversarial and costly process that in many cases do not meet the underlying needs of the conflicting parties.
For the past decade, the most compelling hypothesis has been that moms and dads have conflicting interests when it comes to passing on their genes.
The integrative component represents the extent to which the behavior is trying to maximize the total outcomes for the conflicting parties together; the size of the joint pie is at stake, also called "creating value" (Lax & Sebenius, 1986).
The relative strengths of the cooperative and competitive interests within the conflicting parties will determine the nature of the conflict process and its outcome.