conflicting evidence

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Alkermes also suggested that lower Tregs may lead to better safety, but the analyst also finds conflicting evidence here.
The existing studies are all too small to give us the necessary information and many contain conflicting evidence.
Conflicting evidence dates him anywhere from the late seventh century to the middle eighth, and the depth of his traditional Sanskrit learning and poetic technique suggests either a professional poet or a court functionary.
She reviews a mound of conflicting evidence on poverty trends and income distribution in the Suharto and post-Suharto periods.
But conflicting evidence has created controversy over the need to remove the uterus.
Wilcox: "Kahle brings up an aspect of human nature: In the light of conflicting evidence, it is easier to change what we think we believed than admit that we were wrong.
AN Assembly inquiry into safety issues at a revamped GAA stadium is in a "quandary" over conflicting evidence, it was claimed yesterday.
We review the conflicting evidence on calcium to bring you our best advice on optimal intake.
The findings may help explain apparently conflicting evidence about the effect of the controversial chemicals on bee populations.
But Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates' Court heard teaching assistants gave conflicting evidence - and the alleged victim himself said he wasn't even sure she had hit him.
The research comes after years of conflicting evidence of the link between height and heart disease.
We are satisfied that Mr Boon carefully and comprehensively considered the evidence and submissions presented to him at the hearing, which included conflicting evidence from both sides, prior to making his decision.