conflicting evidence

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"Despite being a routine screening test in pediatric patients at the time of psychiatric admission, the prevalence of thyroid disorders is poorly characterized in pediatric populations, and there is conflicting evidence on the utility of thyroid function screening in patients with severe mood and anxiety disorders," the authors write.
Giving evidence at an inquest held at St Helens town hall, PC David Fitzsimon said there was conflicting evidence from witnesses at the scene as to the type of bike involved, and the speed at which it was travelling when the crash happened.
Here, the conflicting evidence on the adequacy of the warnings provided by Savage Arms prevents this court from ruling that the warnings were sufficient or insufficient as a matter of law.
Former NCPB boss Tirop Kosgey yesterday gave conflicting evidence on why a firm associated with the late Jacob Juma was unable to supply 40,000 tonnes of maize to the government in 2004.
The inquiry has also heard conflicting evidence over how 34-year-old Mr Rennie fell overboard.
Previous studies have generated conflicting evidence on whether short sleep is associated with a greater chance of having a future cardiovascular event.
Hence our approach for clinical practice with this conflicting evidence should be to evaluate for the indication of continuing PPIs in patients, and discontinuing them if no appropriate indication is found to prevent serious side effects with long-term use, if any.
To keep an innocent teen from life in prison, Lauren must unravel the conflicting evidence and changing stories to get at the buried facts.
Alkermes also suggested that lower Tregs may lead to better safety, but the analyst also finds conflicting evidence here.
Schubert [23] developed a discounted proportion method for conflict management by exploring the relationship between complementary information and conflicting evidence. Yang et al.
The existing studies are all too small to give us the necessary information and many contain conflicting evidence. We need to see many more highquality studies looking into the long-term risks of minor head impacts like heading footballs before we can come to an informed conclusion.
Conflicting evidence dates him anywhere from the late seventh century to the middle eighth, and the depth of his traditional Sanskrit learning and poetic technique suggests either a professional poet or a court functionary.