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Should educators be surprised when they find their students' attitudes and behaviors are affected after being presented with conflictingly "wrapped" statements discussing the same science issue?
Different sources report conflictingly that the kidnappers are either former janjaweed of the Abbala tribe, Fellata tribesmen or also a group calling itself "Falcons for the Liberation of Africa.
Conflictingly, 91% of them feel that they do have processes effective enough to protect them (4).
These moments conflictingly combine sympathy and dread, and the heroine must register both her closeness to, and distance herself from her double or mirror figure, that is to shift positions.
However, despite its size, research carried out by the British Cheese Board reveals that current attitudes and awareness of British Cheese is conflictingly poor.
An investigation into palm-microenvironment relationships in Amazonian Ecuador showed rather conflictingly that forest phase at the 400 [m.
One confusing note: the poop sheet said, conflictingly, that the finished wine is 100% Syrah.
However, and conflictingly, New Mexico has generally adopted the federal policy that on all patentable state and public lands, "sand and gravel" are reserved by the state along with "other minerals.
Chapter 2 opens with a series of nineteen "epitaphic comments, conflictingly spoken or thought" (p.