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More differences are shown in Figure 4: each occupant can input individual schedule, with customized task-specified scenes; In case of conflictive requirements, occupants can discuss solutions via the social network; Facility manager can review occupants' preferences and energy consumption in facility manager's portal.
This can generate a contradictory manifestation in agency and a conflictive relation to feminism and the, 'general', objective of social change; assuming a context where white women ideologically and practically have a consistent activist approach, a situation in which 'they (try to) practice what they preach', the route towards social justice will be different from a gender than from a racial perspective.
After looking at the history of Congolese migration to Belgium, she looks at the denial of Belgium's colonial past and the conflictive relationship with Congolese diaspora in Belgium today.
That is, Jesus' designation of himself as a scapegoat in a highly conflictive Roman world eliminated the need to create a scapegoat (Wayne Nor they, 370-72).
Experts at the University of Granada said: "As society establishes certain rules on men-women relations, it also establishes some rules on how both are expected to act in certain conflictive situations.
The Spanish experts explained: "As society establishes certain rules on the composition of men-women relations, it also establishes some rules on how both are expected to act in certain conflictive situations.
These examples of the labour market politics through jurisprudence again confirm the evidence for the Janus-face of European integration, featuring both economic goals and social aims, "negative integration" and "positive integration", soft law and hard law, convergence and national idiosyncrasies, and therefore being conflictive and sometimes contradictory.
His fears regarding wars and philosophy of human's conflictive behavior make Hobbes one of the most important political thinkers of his time.
Huenun's text selects, from newspapers of the region, conflictive sections and, in some cases, particularly unidimensional, giving voice to the military prosecutor whom we cited previously.
From the many conflictive ideological strands existing in Cuba, a common identity as exiles emerged.
Pieper's early mentor was Romano Guardini; the question appears to remain open to what extent Pieper adopted Guardini's theory of Gegensiitze, that is, the notion that human life and thought develop in the creative, even conflictive, interacting of opposites.
Napoleon's capture of Spanish King Ferdinand VII in 1808 and the French control of most of Spain led many throughout Spain and Spanish America to a conflictive sense of social dislocation.