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MSCI will optimize the delivery of its data and risk and liquidity analytics for easier integration into Confluences Unity NXT Regulatory Reporting solution.
It's about those places that have become meaningful simply through their coordinate values: The Geographical Centre of Europe and Confluences of Integer Degree Lines.
Before long, new people and new technologies were put in place to support a grander plan: to document visits to all confluences on or within sight of land.
Looking at Challenging the Boundaries of Slavery as a whole, we have a remarkably illuminating study of the ecology of slavery: its boundaries of time and space reviewed so that what is understood is slavery in its terrains, economies, and confluences.
Scanning through various Confluences one sees a consistent line-up of advertisers, such as the Black Bear Bakery (an organic-type bakery on Jefferson) Subterranean Books in the U-City Loop, and KDHX (88.
com/research/b3314e/river_confluences) has announced the addition of the "River Confluences, Tributaries and the Fluvial Network" report to their offering.
Order to market a mission EOM demolition on the perimeter of the ZAC Ivry Confluences in Ivry-sur-Seine (94).
This consultation for the execution of technical services for the Musee des Confluences in Lyon 2nd, dock Perrache, with accountability for results and / or implementation of minimum resources.
As such, we often recommend taking advantage of such confluences when given the opportunity.
LOUIS -- Founded by silicon industry veterans, Confluence Solar, Inc.
Contract notice:Supply and management of dematerialized securities for the restaurant Confluence museum staff.