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For freeze-fracture analysis, confluent cultures of cells were subcultured onto mylar strips and fractured as described, previously (20).
Confluent Surgical's flagship product, DuraSeal Dural Sealant System is the first and only FDA approved cranial sealant that prevents cerebrospinal fluid leaks following cranial surgery.
Confluent Surgical is a private medical device company that is pioneering the development of in-situ-polymerized biomaterials.
Our vision is to have Confluent's sealant and adhesion barrier products used universally in all surgical procedures," said Fred Khosravi, Chairman of Confluent Surgical.
CONTACT: Patrick O'Donnell, Director of Marketing of Confluent Surgical, Inc.
Mark Wan, a founding Partner at Three Arch Partners, who will be joining Confluent's Board of Directors stated, "We are excited about Confluent Surgical, as it heads into U.
In such patients, the lesions are so densely confluent that the skin looks like crepe rubber; some patients exhibit bleeding into the skin and intestinal tract.
Paola Lubet -- Lubet is a marketing veteran of Oracle Corporation, PeopleSoft and Apple Computers, and of emerging companies such as Confluent (acquired by Oblix) and Blue Pumpkin Software (acquired by Witness Systems).
Clinical results presented to the Neurological Devices Advisory Panel by Confluent Surgical demonstrated that DuraSeal was able to achieve watertight closure in 98% of cases where it was applied on a sutured dural repair.
Previously, he held vice president and general management positions at numerous other successful technology firms including Confluent Software, Placeware, Zitel, CyberSource and CompuServe.
Most recently, Couder has been an entrepreneur, as chief executive officer of Confluent Software, a web services management company for the enterprise that was acquired by Oblix in February 2004.
A co-founder and chief architect of Confluent, later acquired by Oblix, Sharma is responsible for guiding the direction of SOA Software's enterprise product lines and will establish the company's first office in India.