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21) Importantly, when historical time is "the conflux of two Eternities" rather than a linear progression, timelines have little meaning.
Informed by Labor's disastrous wartime experience and the internecine conflux that rocked its NSW branch during the early 1920s, Childe's How Labour Governs (1923) diagnosed Labor's failings as a parliamentary working-class party--a strategy he termed 'politicalism'.
Barmouth is placed in one of the most disagreeable situations that could possibly have been chosen for it, near the conflux of the river Maw, or Mawddach, whence it is called by the Welsh, Aber Maw, and from this Berthaw or, corruptedly, Barmouth.
At 5pm, emperor Conflux Maximus will lead a parade of 60 street performers, and any members of the public who care to join them, down Buchanan Street.
In a bizarre conflux of paranoid and perverted Nixonian scheming, the town administrator has allegedly been listening and watching, peeping and spying, snooping on town workers and even planting a video camera in the women's restroom in Town Hall.
32) Bak breaks the frames of reality ("the given") by depicting conditions of a brutal reality amidst a conflux of extraordinary and unsettling images.
To make sure this conflux of events is possible, employees can negotiate for the right to exercise options immediately, even though the options may not have vested.
The conclusion to the book insists that "only a hermeneutic open to examine the conflux of the sacred, popular, and humorous in Mondo Piccolo can provide the appropriate way to comprehend Guareschi within a critical and cultural context" (195).
A conflux of how many dollars to spend and reconsidered attitudes on where to spend it--literally by retail outlet and figuratively by type of food group--is underway.
AS A CONFLUX OF NATIVE and immigrant cultures, America struggles with the uneasy balance between assimilation and difference.
We believe that in order to engage in transformation, one must first develop the skills needed to recognize, analyze, and problematize the conflux of these areas and the ways in which they can impact linguistic minority students and perpetuate the status quo.
These ideas benefited from comments received at the Experiments with Territories session at the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, March 2006, Chicago; at the Department of Geography and Anthropology colloquium, University of Southern Maine, April 2006; and at the Conflux Festival, Brooklyn, N.