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Netherlands: reasoned opinion for failure to inform the Commission of the provisions it has adopted to conform to the Directive on the training of professional drivers (2003/59)
Providing they conform to European standards, these can offer useful safety features - but cut-price, illegal bulbs are increasingly being available.
Motorquip advises drivers that bulbs which don't conform to regulations will certainly lead to a failed MOT and potentially to a serious accident.
Thus, it is important to remember that you as the casting seller must provide parts that conform to the contract in all respects.
The states also suggested the possibility of drafting a motion to allow them to conform to either version of the MPU provisions (rather than just the revised version) and still be considered in compliance with the SSUTA.
Projects are compatible with Avid Media Composer, Symphony and Avid Xpress systems, allowing Total Conform and dramatically better bi-directional workflow than merely EDL or OMF transfer.
As with the bonus depredation provisions in the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002, (4) the states have to decide whether to conform to the DPAD provisions.
HDI's challenge was to create a strong interior concept that would highlight the designer fragrances and cosmetics yet conform to the new contemporary image they've developed for the rest of the store.
California will conform to the following federal provisions:
A provision in the Revenue Reconciliation Bill of 1989, now before Congress, requires controlled foreign corporations (CFCs) and foreign personal holding companies (FPHCs) to conform their taxable years to those of their U.S.
Make the necessary accounting adjustments to conform the foreign P&L statement to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).