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Juvenile justice professionals believe this myth because only a handful of LGB and gender non-conforming youths disclose their sexual orientations, act in ways that do not conform to gender norms, (3) or have court cases linked to their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
However, the book-conformity requirement need not be satisfied for the short period if the corporation is not required to issue financial statements for it, provided the corporation's financial statements already conform to the requested year or it is concurrently changing its financial accounting year.
240 26-0-1 Amended to conform to creation of [section] 39.
California does not conform to these federal provisions for personal income tax purposes:
The court also noted the attachment did not conform to the substance of form 8332 as it had not specified the children's names, the year the exemptions were released or Dundra's Social Security number.
Parisians have awakened to learn that much of their beloved cheese failed to conform to new European Union microbe norms.
As with the bonus depredation provisions in the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002, (4) the states have to decide whether to conform to the DPAD provisions.
California will conform to the following federal provisions: