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For business, changes to federal corporate deductions will affect states that conform to those provisions.
People identify with the computer to such an extent that they start to conform to its decisions and its judgements, even if they are wrong.
Abu Faour also named the institutions which were revealed selling food items that do not conform to food safety criteria, out of his sense of responsibility towards citizens' safety rather than defamation purposes.
8.340 (DISPOSITION Amends list of contents of disposition HEARINGS) order in subdivision (c) to conform to F.S.
Juvenile justice professionals believe this myth because only a handful of LGB and gender non-conforming youths disclose their sexual orientations, act in ways that do not conform to gender norms, (3) or have court cases linked to their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.
2 : comply <Every student needs to conform to school rules.>
Finland: reasoned opinion for failure to inform the Commission of the provisions it has adopted to conform to the Directive on the training of professional drivers (2003/59)
However, the book-conformity requirement need not be satisfied for the short period if the corporation is not required to issue financial statements for it, provided the corporation's financial statements already conform to the requested year or it is concurrently changing its financial accounting year.
To quote the review of the hardcover in KLIATT, January 2005: we have all heard about the pressure on ballerinas to conform to the ideal body image--tall, thin, long legs, no breasts, long neck.
California does not conform to these federal provisions for personal income tax purposes:
These folks won't rest until our schools conform to their religious beliefs.
Shapiro, who is usually thought of as a post-Minimalist (in one definition, a Minimalist using simple geometry to expressive-dramatic effect), seems to want to challenge the coordinates of the white cube rather than conform to them as the first Minimalists did (however unconsciously).