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To keep the shape conformability of deforming contours, the following equation is considered:
put extensive effort on a 3D lubrication model coupling a detailed elastic analysis and a complementarity method to evaluate the conformability between the ring and the liner [13] [14] [15].
While both these features contribute to CONPHINE's conformability, the secret to the film's maintained semiconducting power under severe stretching lies in the fact that the fiber network is nanoconfined.
Prof Jamie Paik, who is leading the research group, said of the existing, rigid exoskeleton solutions: "Such designs are effective in achieving high accuracy, high load, high speed applications, but at a cost of bulky parts and hard joints that inherently suffer from low conformability. Therefore, they rely on finely tuned control to achieve fluidity of motion.
Perhaps the most important factor that the nanofiber mesh can provide is their excellent properties, such as conformability, mechanical properties, and functional abilities.
In order to analyze the conformability of the developed sensor, it has been installed on a KUKA LWR 4+ that, by now, is one of the most used robotic arms in the human-robot interaction (HRI) research field.
Thus, the comparative analysis of individual-typological qualities of the personality by the method of ITQ in patients of different groups was characterized by the dominance of the following personality tendencies: high level of anxiety, sensitivity, lability, conformability, and a low level of spontaneity at a high tendency to rigidity.
However it lacks conformability and creep resistance.
In this scheme, a design criterion was proposed to quantify amplitude and order of bore distortions regarding the piston ring conformability. Although these studies enable complex bore geometries to be decomposed into a series of simpler distortion orders, the distribution characteristic of operational loads (thermal and mechanical) around the circumference of a distorted cylinder bore profile was not yet to be fully analyzed.
Furthermore, increased stent length, overlapping stents, alternative stent design (open or close cell, strut thickness) related radial force and conformability, and overexpansion of stents because of high inflation pressures may also increase the risk of SF.
The fabric typically is woven to ensure shape stability, conformability and durability, while minimizing blood permeability.