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This review indicates that the Ore Hill property has potential for discovery of an important new style of gold mineralization within a conformable breccia zone as well as new reserves in the veins below the historic workings.
"Our original inspiration was to make a conformable transistor for neural implants," Gelinas notes.
The following properties for the conformable fractional derivative are well known, which can be easily proved due to the definition of the conformable fractional derivative.
where [alpha] [member of] (1,2] is a real number, [D.sup.[alpha]] is the conformable fractional derivative, [[phi].sub.p](s) = [[absolute value of s].sup.p-2]s, p > 1, and f : [0,1] x [0, +[infinity]) [right arrow] [0, +[infinity]) is continuous.
Stretchable and conformable electronics involves basic and comparatively more mature technologies such as inks, transparent conductive films and sensors, but also more complex devices such as transistors, batteries, energy harvesters and displays.
Motivated, as mentioned above, with the need of new fractional derivatives with nice properties we study in this article the eigenvalue problems of Sturm-Liouville into conformable (fractional) calculus.
* A high strain, conformable elastomer sensor element.
One of the key innovations is the development of conformable and reliable contact probes made of silicon with embedded metallic flakes.
Conformable semi-rigid options include both 0.085" and 0.141" diameter cables.
The advent of new nickel-titanium (nitinol) conformable stents with a shape memory alloy has improved the treatment of malignant biliary and gastrointestinal strictures [8].
Scotch-Brite Technology binds together synthetic fibres and abrasive particles to create a conformable three-dimensional material.