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The KIMBERLY-CLARK Patient Warming System integrates a highly efficient product-patient interface (hydrogel), a conformable insulated thermal pad and precisely regulated warm water as the energy source.
Webb Abrasives offers SIA non-woven Clean and Finish products for surface preparation and finishing without excessive stock removal The SIA non-woven products incorporate high quality fibers, Clog Resistant Technology (CRT) and high mineral content to give a flexible, conformable performance with controlled cutting action and tong life, the company says.
It is noncytotoxic and nonirritating, with no to minimal skin staining, and it is conformable, soft, and easy to cut.
Self-sticking adhesive tapes are lightweight, conformable and easy to install.
The T30O0 is compatible with any proprietary tactile array, including the Conformable Tactile Array that molds to complex curved surfaces, the Industrial Tactile Array capable of measurements up to 500 psi withstanding temperatures as high as 200 C, and Stretchable Tactile Arrays that wrap tightly around limbs or conform to changes in seat cushion surfaces.
Spiritual combat is directed toward perfection, Robinson writes, and it really is a combat; true holiness and spirituality do not consist in exercises which are pleasing to us and conformable to our nature but in those that "nail that nature with all its works to the cross.
But I've also been in a room with my friends when they've felt really conformable and talked about their husbands or boyfriends and some intimate things.
Sunderland cut loose after a goalless first half to run out conformable winners thanks to second-half strikes from John Oster, Jody Craddock, Michael Proctor and Kevin Kilbane.
Black Grit easily conformable safety tread creates nonskid surfaces with a finely ground mineral abrasive bonded permanently to a high-strength plastic carrier film.
It fits most faces and head shapes, has a soft inner panel for comfort, and has a conformable nosepiece that helps provide a secure seal.
The soft, conformable nose piece helps provide a customized fit and secure facial seal.