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On the lower parts of the Middle Hayden and nearby Lower Hayden brooks, about 19 km southwest of the Lower Birch Island type locality, the Lower Birch Island Member consists of about 6 metres of steeply dipping, thin-bedded, medium grey calcareous argillite, silty argillite and siltstone, overlying the Miramichi Group on the northwest, conformably and perhaps gradationally.
The conformably overlying (but possibly in part laterally equivalent) Goose Harbour Lake member has an estimated thickness between 700 and 1000 m.
The thick-bedded conglomerate at The Dock is conformably overlain to the north by thin-to medium-bedded, greyish green, quartzose sandstone, siltstone, and dark grey to black siltstone, and minor quartz-pebble conglomerate of the Flagg Cove Formation.
Together with locally conformably and unconformably underlying Middle and Late Devonian sedimentary and bimodal volcanic rocks, these rocks form the earliest fill in the Maritimes Basin, mainly confined to grabens in older metamorphic and igneous basement rocks (e.
1] in block form conformably with the blocking of [B.
The state high court denied that such power could be exercised conformably to constitutional provisions setting forth the respective powers of the Legislature and the Governor over the enactment and disposition of appropriations.
TS IV conformably overlies TS III and includes the late Rhaetian top of the Blomidon Formation and the McCoy Brook Formation, which overlies the North Mountain Basalt and is latest Rhaetian to earliest Jurassic (Hettangian) in age.
The formation conformably overlies the Afowo Formation and Maastrichtian to Paleocene age has been assigned (Omatsola and Adegoke, 1981).
Generally, these units are overlain, conformably, by an ice-contact diamicton.
He ought to obtain right and justice freely, and without being obliged to purchase it; completely, and without any denial; promptly, and without delay; conformably to the laws.
The Brushy Fork silt, at an elevation of 248 m (814 ft), is conformably overlain by 50 cm of fine sand that is overlain by about 120 cm of imbricated cherty gravel.