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Because tropes differ from schemes in causing semantic disruption, tropic conformatio (personification) manifests itself in a derangement and blending of categories pivotal to metaphor: hence Quintilian's stress on the boldness and hazardousness of the enterprise.
Because no classical tradition exists for a god-sky (as opposed to a sky-god), the image of a sky personified (and eyed) is not easily entertained, and the mind automatically restricts the scope of the conformatio.
Having thus reassigned tropic conformatio to the category of metaphor and ventriloquial "personification" to the genre of fable and apologue, I shall tidy the remaining material into two general categories: prosopopoeia effected by incarnation on the one hand and by rarefaction on the other.
When conformatio takes god-making as its paradigm, it moves by imperceptible points along the continuum between "personification of a power" and "personal power.
That this sort of hypostatic conformatio is not peculiar to the eighteenth century can be gathered from its occurrence also in the verse of Shelley.
So, whereas in existential prosopopoeia the action remains self-reflexive and self-illustrating, in deific conformatio it becomes autonomous and, for that reason, unpredictable.
Those "attendant figures," each a subpersonification within the embracing conformatio, go a long way toward characterizing Fear.
The whole process of deific conformatio accordingly centers on a shift from indefinite mental "shapes" to concrete beings, arbitrary and autonomous, that have been conjured up by a willing suspension of disbelief.
Indeed, some of the most successful deific conformatio, far from tagging its subject in the manner of Davie's helpful sculptor (95), will sometimes register the environmental impact of a personification, implying properties and powers rather than stating them.
One of the primary aims of Crenne's Epistres is to discredit the misogynist interpretation and use of creation as conformatio.
He does not believe, nor does Crenne, in two creations of unequal value (in conformatio associated with Genesis 2).