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Estrogen receptor-binding activity of polychlorinated hydroxybiphenyts: conformationally restricted structural probes.
Sc] is conformationally heterogeneous, which appears to be important in determining strain differences and perhaps species barriers (23,26-28).
ConfometRx's expertise in protein engineering, GPCR crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and other biophysical techniques, as well as in generating conformationally selective antibodies makes it an ideal partner for pharmaceutical companies focused on GPCR targets.
The cysteines formed a disulfide bridge, creating a conformationally constrained ring (22).
In the collaboration, Pepscan has discovered novel peptides with potential therapeutic utility using its proprietary peptide array platform for high throughput synthesis and screening of conformationally stabilized CLIPS peptides.
2]-GPI changed conformationally by interaction with negatively charged phospholipids or with an oxygen-substituted solid surface (27-31), whereas LA recognized human prothrombin bound to anionic phospholipids (3234).
The most obvious explanation is the lack of hydrogen bond acceptor capability at this site in 7 and 8 and the weaker and more conformationally constrained H-bond acceptor capability of chlorine in derivative 9.
resin] *day)] or 25% more conformationally labile for 1,4-CHDA, which gives it stability.
The highly interdisciplinary area includes organic and polymer synthesis, peptide design and synthesis, self-assembled macromolecules, computational studies to complement spectroscopic higher structural order determination, and interaction of conformationally (or higher structurally) organized oligomer polymers with biological systems.
In search of a universal combinatorial approach for the mimicry of peptide structure, his laboratory has developed effective protocols for creating conformationally biased peptide analogs and for introducing such surrogates into peptide mimic libraries in order to study various biological systems.
Eserine, on the other hand, was the only molecule to have its nitrogens conformationally restricted, and it had higher than expected activity.
Estrogen receptor-binding activity of polychlorinated hydroxybiphenyls: Conformationally restricted structural probes.