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Conversion of the gauche conformers of aliphatic carbons in the PET chains to trans conformation and the associated changes in the morphology may, then, be expected to occur in the exposed samples.
For HSNSH two of the possible three planar conformers were observed, the cis-trans and cis-cis (109).
8, are not any more ascribed to and specific of the initial idealized set of "trans" and "gauche" conformers, but rather to a distribution of real relaxor clusters of variable material-dependent nature and size.
1], conformational relaxation processes along the chain involving between 4 and 6 conformers (2-3 repeat units) would occur if the structure is non-equilibrium.
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3] represent respectively concentration of the TT, TG, and GG conformers.
The new pharmacophore modeling functionality will contain tools for alignment-based pharmacophore mapping, fast conformer generation, and structure-based pharmacophore generation.
De leur cote, les Etats-Unis ont appele, dans un communique, les belligerants a [beaucoup moins que] relacher les prisonniers [beaucoup plus grand que] et a [beaucoup moins que] se conformer a l'accord de paix et de reconciliation au Mali [beaucoup plus grand que].
L'interet pour ce projet de loi organique relatif a la loi des finances trouve son origine non seulement dans son contenu, mais aussi et surtout dans la necessite de se conformer aux dispositions de la nouvelle Constitution.
Il aurait alors du se couvrir la tete d'un foulard, pour se conformer a la pratique religieuse.
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